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We are nerdy guys using Platform link shortener to earn extra cash.  We pay for each visit to your shorten link. Get paid through global and trusted payment platforms . is the second project of FLOWER Golden. We have run the first project files sharing called . The project has been in operation for 2 years
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Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views
Desktop Mobile / Tablet
United Kingdom 2.00$ 2.00$
Vietnam 2.00$ 2.00$
United States 2.00$ 2.00$
Japan 1.65$ 1.65$
Singapore 1.60$ 1.60$
Philippines 1.60$ 1.60$
Canada 1.60$ 1.60$
Indonesia 1.60$ 1.60$
Thailand 1.55$ 1.55$
Hong Kong 1.50$ 1.50$
Malaysia 1.50$ 1.50$
Brazil 1.40$ 1.40$
India 1.40$ 1.40$
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) 1.20$ 1.20$

Note : Our payout rates are dynamic and depend on the advertising income that we receive. So sometimes the prices can increase/decrease for some countries.