How to date Vietnamese girls - Do and Don't

Now you must be wondering why there is a separate section for how to date Vietnamese girls but not just every girl. Here is why Vietnamese girls are different, and there are certain things you should be aware of before dating one.

Most Vietnamese girls are usually shy, or at at least seem shy. Because Vietnam is a conservative country, most girls are raised to not be very straightforward especially when it comes to dating. It might take them a while to show their emotions and affection in a relationship, so being patient is key. Don’t rush into hugging and kissing her in public, as it might make her uncomfortable and attract curious eyes on the street.

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Another common question is, is she a gold digger if she always expects you to pay for meals whenever you guys go out on a date? The answer is No. Unlike Western culture, the Vietnamese way of thinking is completely different. In the Vietnamese culture, men are expected to be the “breadwinner” of the house (In Vietnam, they say “Man builds house, Woman builds home”), and that’s why most Vietnamese men would pay for all the dates without hesitation.

If you cannot afford an expensive dinner at a 4 or 5 star restaurant all the time, and maybe you are just not comfortable to do so, take her to local places, cafes or milk tea places. Wherever it is, splitting bills is out of the question.

So how does that not make her a gold digger then? Simply, Vietnamese girls like to take care of their partners and pay attention to even very little details. Don’t be surprised when before you even realise that you need to buy a new batch of socks and undies, your Vietnamese girlfriend already got you some, in the right size. Vietnamese girls like to shop and buy their partners random gifts.

They also like to spend their time and money taking care of their partners, cooking foods, and making the house. Don’t be too materialistic because that’s definitely not how to date Vietnamese girls. In the end, just pay for the dates, you will get more in return one way or another.

Let’s get to the Do and Don’t.


I’m serious. You don’t have to be a fashion icon to be with a Vietnamese girl, but maintaining a clean, tidy outlook is the least you can do. Just because you have a girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that you should go out with her in your pajama pants with untangled hair. Vietnamese do care about their “face”, and chances that you bump into families and friends in public in the same city in Vietnam is high. 

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Vietnamese girls are usually serious and committed when it comes to relationships. And they might be quite a jealous girlfriend type. They might ask about your past relationships out of curiosity. But because she asks you, it doesn’t mean that you should be too open and too honest about it. Worse if you tell her that you still think of your ex girlfriends or sad about how your past relationship ended as it will only raise the insecurities in her as time goes.


Trust me. Though many people say Vietnamese girls are really into materialistic things, nothing, even a luxury handbag, makes her happier than you remembering to wish her a happy birthday at exactly 12, buying her a surprise gift on your anniversary before she even mentions it, tying her shoelaces in public, or maybe learning some expressions in Vietnamese.

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If she invites you to meet her family, Congratulations! She is totally serious about you. Dining etiquette, table manners can be different in Vietnam. The language barrier will also surely be there. Misunderstandings can be very hard to avoid. But do not judge, and even if you do, don’t spit it out. Family bonds are usually very strong and important in Vietnam.

If your Vietnamese girlfriend sees you as a future family member, she wouldn’t want to see you judge or disrespect her parents and siblings. If you are truly curious why her family members behave a certain way or say certain things that bother you, start the conversation softly and ask her in an appropriate way.

Wrapping it up.

The above short Do and Don’t list of how to date Vietnamese girls will give you some tips on building a healthy relationship, maybe take a step further with your Vietnamese girl regardless of any differences in culture. You wouldn’t want to screw it up after all the efforts to win yourself a lovely Vietnamese girl, wouldn’t you?

Published on: 7/10/20, 8:23 AM