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Bun oc nguoi O Quan Chuong (Cold Vermicelli Rice Noodles with snails) The diner of Bun oc nguoi is located right next to O Quan Chuong gate. You can see the diner from a distance far away because it is always crowded with customers.

Talk about cold noodles: the main ingredient is Oc nhoi (snails that live in freshwater ponds, fields, have short necks, it tastes fat and crunchy). After boiled, people take the snail out of the shell and remove all the intestines, only taking the mouth of the snail, soaked in vinegar to clear viscosity and all odors.

The sauce is made from snail boiling water, add a little fish sauce and dam bong ( has a slight sour taste, and a little alcohol flavor, can eliminate the fishy smell of snails), add some snails and a little boiled- chili sauce, and then you will have an awesome dish. Bun oc nguoi has slight and cool taste (because all ingredients are eaten cold), so it is suitable to eat on hot summer days.

The taste is both familiar and strange will make an impression on the eater. Bun thang Cau Go (Vermicelli rice noodles with many ingredients work together, feel like traditional medicine) Bun thang is a famous traditional delicacy of the ancient Hanoi people, and up to now, it still retains nearly 100% of the old flavor. In Hanoi, if you want to eat bun thang, you have to go to Cau Go Street.

On this street, there are about 3-4 diner, but the most delicious and famous is Ba Duc diner at 48. Talk about bun thang a bit: The broth of this dish is simmered from chicken bones so it has a natural sweet taste, adds a little dried shrimp, shrimp sauce, creating a very special flavor.

When customers order noodles, the noodles will be blanched into a bowl, put them on top of fried egg, Vietnamese pork rolls, chicken, fried radish (all ingredients are sliced into long strands), scallions, Vietnamese coriander, Vietnamese laska leaves into each space, look like a colorful flower on top dish.

Bun rieu Hang Ga (Vermicelli rice noodles with “rieu cua”) There is a famous crab vermicelli diner, which is loved by many people at address 11 Hang Bac, has the closest to the old-fashioned noodle soup flavor. It has a small space, sell only in the morning and at noon.

The broth is sweet, sour, aromatic with giam bong, a lot of rieu cua ” - is made from crab bricks, finely ground crab meat and filtered with tomatoes and giam bong. You can order more Vietnamese pork rolls, beef or some other side dishes.

Bun moc Hang Ga (Vermicelli rice noodles with “moc” balls) Opposite 25 Hang Ga, there is a super-delicious bun moc diner. At the beginning of the street, you can smell the fascinating aroma of the dish. This is only available in the afternoon and evening, and is always crowded with customers.

A bowl with pork ribs, moc (Pureed pork mixed with different spices, shaped into small balls) and doc mung (Colocasia gigantean, grows in low and moist areas in Vietnam), will make sure you have a full meal.

The broth has natural sweet taste because it is simmered from the pork leg bones, hoof feet and the ribs, so many people even are full but cannot stop to eat the whole bowl until the last drop of water.

Bun Cha Hang Quat (Vermicelli rice noodles with grilled pork rolls) Not as famous as Obama's bun cha, but the bun cha diner located at 74 Hang Quat street is familiar to many people in Hanoi. This delicious diner is located in a small alley so it is a bit difficult to find.

A special feature of this dinner is grilled pork rolls. Grilled here is not baked before as in other places. When the customers come to eat, the owner just begin to grill, so they always keep the sweetness, crunchy, fragrant and rich.

So yummy! Bun dau mam tom Hang Khay (Vermicelli rice noodles with shrimp sauce) It is a mistake to not mention this delicious dish. This ordinary and simple food has captivated so many local people and travelers.

Vermicelli rice noodles made with extremely simple shrimp sauce. But the delicious lies in the bowl of shrimp sauce, it must be mixed very skillfully so that there is no fishy smell, and has sour, salty, sweet harmonization…

With many years of experience eating this dish, my advice is to add lots of kumquats and sliced chili, bite the yellow green-rice flakes rolls, so sweet, juicy. Oh! The typical flavor of Hanoi is unmistakable with nowhere else.

Published on: 7/8/20, 2:13 PM