Ha Giang is the northernmost land of Vietnam, like a hat covering the land border nearly 300km long with China. However in the reality, nature has bestowed on Ha Giang the "unique" charms and beauty that which we cannot find anywhere. I feel extremely blessed to have a wonderful trip to Ha Giang.

Ha Giang make it an excellent and perfect destination for any kind of traveler with the majestic and magical natural scenery of the rugged rivers, streams, mountains and highlands. This place is famous for many landscapes created by nature: Dong Van plateau, Quan Ba sky gate, Lung Cu flagpole…

Coming to Ha Giang, we can not only immerse ourselves in the vast natural landscape but also enjoy the different cultures with the unique characteristics of each ethnic group: Tay, Muong, Thai…A suggestion for a 3-day-2-night trip to Ha Giang that I have experienced:


- 06h30: Car and guide pick you up to Ha Giang. On the way, we can take
advantage of the scenery of the Northeast mountain forest extremely pristine.
Guests can relax and take souvenir photos.

- 11h30: Arrive in Ha Giang, have lunch at the restaurant.

- Afternoon: Go to Quan Ba - Stop taking photos at Quan Ba Heaven Gate.
Continuing the journey, we will have the opportunity to admire the Co Tien Twin
Mountain - "artwork" of nature bestowed in here. Along the way to Yen Minh, we
will have a chance to admire the fields of “Tam Giac Mach” blooming when the
season’s coming (early October - late December every year)...

- After that, we will go through vast pine forests known as "The most beautiful
pine forests in Vietnam" stretching on the high slopes to Yen Minh town. We
come to the hotel to rest.

- Evening: Have dinner at the restaurant, roam freely and spend the night in Yen


- 6h30: Wake up for breakfast and check out procedures.

- 7:00: Car takes we to Dong Van Stone Plateau - a stone plateau spread over four
districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac. We enjoy watching the
vast fields of “Tam Giac Mach”, the most beautiful bends on "Happiness Road". 
The Nine-Tailed Track, M-shaped arc, W-shaped arc road… will make all
adventurous people feel so excited or slightly heart-pounding somtimes (A
fantastic experience!!)

- 8:30: Have a visit in “Cao Pho” and “Sung La” to Lung Cam cultural village, which
is set in the famous scenes of "The Story of Pao". In the winter and spring, the
fields of “Tam Giac Mach” and Peach blossom create a poetic and romantic scene.
We also visit the Palace of the Vuong family (Palace of Cats) with many unique
architecture and unique stories.

- 10h00: Go to Lung Cu - the northernmost point, also described as “The place
facing down the earth, facing up the sun". We visit the National Flagpole and take
souvenir photos. From the Lung Cu flagpole, we can see the beautiful terraced
landscape with the walls of Lo Lo ethnic people in the Sau Sung village below.

- 11h30: Lunch at the restaurant in Lung Cu. Go to the hotel and rest

- Afternoon: We are free to explore the ancient town of Dong Van. Formed in the
20th century with Chinese architectural imprint, two-floor houses with yin and
yang tile roofs hanging red lanterns…

- Evening: Have dinner at the restaurant. After dinner, we are free to walk and
explore specialties, enjoy Dong Van Old Quarter coffee ... Overnight in Dong Van.


- 06h00: Have breakfast and visit Dong Van fair (open only on Sundays), is the
convergence of cultural characteristics of ethnic minorities in the Ha Giang…
Then return to the hotel to check out.

- 08h30: Get on the bus to conquer one of the most famous "Four Great Peaks
Passes" of Vietnam, with a height of 2000m above sea... From here, we can look
down on the Nho Que River - like a silk strip bending along the pass. To enjoy the
whole adventure of this journey, we should try sailing on Nho Que River.

- On the way back to Ha Giang City, we may have the opportunity to stay for a
while in Meo Vac town - a very busy old town of Meo Vac district.

- 12h00: Have lunch in Ha Giang. Continue departure to Hanoi, stop to buy
specialties Cam Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang Tea, Red Dragon Ha Giang ... as gifts for
the trip.


Published on: 7/8/20, 2:04 PM